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Welcome to Church of the Crosses.

We trust in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Some may judge, we won't.  We have awesome live worship,  Kids love us.

About Us

We are a Spirit filled Church

 We are Christ centered, and love people. We are open for prayer everyday 

Our faith

Your faith will carry you through the darkest of times. Jesus, Himself bore our transgressions, and carried our sorrows, and by His stripes we are healed.

Our involvement

Through Love as You Go outreach, (our own outreach that gives food and personal supplies) we  actively give to the homeless and help poor families in our area. We also seek to help people individually, to help find resources in the community.

Meet our Pastors

Our Lead Pastor

Vanna Granger is our lead Pastor. When her husband, Alan Granger passed away, she took up his legacy to continue to lead the church.

Meet our Associate Pastors

Pastor Jessie Frausto:  is also president of Guardians of the Children, an organization who are advocates for neglected and abused children.

Pastor Kevin Hoban:    is also the fire cheif of Mesilla, NM He also served with Homelland security to help with  911, and Hurricane Catrina. He is also an on call chaplain for the fire departments

Pastor Gale Fulte:    Has spent many years in emergency services 

With our pastors pratical training, and ability to teach and lead, they are a perfect team.

We are Here to serve you

We are committed to build the kingdom of God, especially in the hearts and minds of each person. As the the kingdom is built on the inside, it radiates outwardly. We are here to serve you.

Stay in touch

Would you like someone to pray for you, or would you like to talk to someone?

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person!

We would love you to visit us and worship with us. Besides our regular SUNDAY SERVICES, and WEDNESDAY NIGHT, we are open for prayer every day.

Church of the Crosses

1132 S. Solano Las Cruces NM

(575) 312-0807



WEDNESDAY NIGHT 6:30 food and fellowship, 7:00 praise and teaching,

Exciting Interactive teaching for kids, with games and crafts.